Freedom Love Peace Prejudice

And the greatest of these is love

My mom told me that writing about Blacks and homophobia is my thing. While I appreciate teachable moments, it is disheartening how frequently the issue arises.

When I came to Grambling State University as a freshman that was one of the first issues I chose to write about for the university paper. It appears that the link was swallowed into an archived abyss, so I am unable to include it in this post.

The most memorable event that followed the article being published was a young man who stopped me in the cafeteria and told me that he did not like gay lifestyles, and could not agree with them, but since he read my article he finally accepted an openly gay man’s Facebook friend request.

Gotta start small, eh?

It never ceases amazing me how distracted people get by rainbow flags, lifestyles and the choices of others.

Instead of viewing the LGBTQ community as people and inherently deserving of equal rights, too many heterosexual people get all up in their Kool-Aid. Methinks some know the flavor, and cannot cope. But, that’s another post.

To be clear, there isn’t a monolithic Blackness or a universally held perspective by people within the Diaspora; however, the prevalence of phobias shows that there is still work to be done.

I watched as details unfolded involving Robert Champion’s hazing related death, and chose to abstain from writing on it for a while.

But, when his parents recently alleged that he was victimized because of his sexual orientation, an all too familiar chorus of gay-bashing, anti-love, religiously conservative dogma came to mind.

Whether in agreement of LGBTQ lifestyles or not, most people could vouch for the power of love. Let’s focus on that instead.

I addressed the issue last night in a post for HBCU Digest.

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