“Bad girls do it well.”

Raises right hand.

I, Imani Jackson, believe that M.I.A., born Mathangi Arulpragasam, is one of the flyest women to happen to life.

The U.K. born electro-pop-rap performer of Sri Lankan descent is not only beautiful, but also stylish, non-traditionally rhythmic and spirited in her performances, while spitting liberatory lines.

So, it was a Super Bowl goodie to see her alongside Vogueing Madonna at last night’s Halftime show.

Pretty much anyone with a pulse was inundated with Madonna’s performance leading up to it. Fans delighted. Skeptics issued a collective “¿Por qué?” and social media sites lit up with predictions.

Madonna is in impeccable shape, inspires many, and remains a household name for many generations to come.

As a result, it was interesting when her song “Give Me All Your Luvin” pumped through speakers as bronze beauties M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj gyrated and back up spit for her.

I appreciated the dynamic, sexual, glittery, woman energy onstage. Madonna also employed Southern University’s Dancing Dolls as backup dancers, which is an incredible feat for anyone, but especially a point of pride within the HBCU community.

(I might talk less trash at the next Bayou Classic I attend.)

But, M.I.A. got NBC in trouble when she flipped the middle finger to audiences.

As excited as fans are about her “Bad Girls” song,  the Eastern-hip-hop-stunts in the mini-film video, and speculation that the video offered social commentary on laws banning women from driving, I just wonder why she chose one of America’s largest family audiences to display a gesture that didn’t quite rhyme with hup-two.

Watch the “Bad Girls” video.


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