Millennials. Power. Respect.

I encountered some of the smartest, most philosophical and political people I have ever met in Grambling.

Conversations with friends at other HBCUs, majority institutions, and some who studied all over the world, confirmed the political elements of their educations.

I heard everything from freer-than-free-free-love to Bible belt fundamentalism from a little bit of everyone. While my worldview is somewhere in between extremes, the necessity of shaping life perspectives and the political savvy to support them was cemented in college.

It is a tough time to be a Millennial.

We (over)use social media, so psychologists and sociologist label us narcissists. We live sensory overload, are attached to gadgets, face an icktacular (new word!) economy, and confront a society that expects higher quality for lower prices and often guts education in the process.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was able to hear firsthand some goals from the current administration. We need to sustain and increase the middle class. But, we also need to brainstorm ethical ways to move people who exist below the middle.

Perpetually alienating political rhetoric reigns. Oftentimes 99 percent versus 1 percent dialogues overlook people who have been systemically and generationally disenfranchised/forgotten/overlooked.

With increased awareness of local, national and international plight, poverty and corruption, maybe I’m still a little kid blowing dandelions until ballot time. We love we? We love we not?

Politics needs our voices.

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