Workplace ≠ twerkplace

A former boss hit on me the same week that said boss’s brother also tried his luck.

Accustomed to navigating awkward moments with attempted finesse, I issued a familial decline. I told the boss in person that I wasn’t interested. I told the brother via instant messenger that no, I did not want to kick it.

All was well.

I continued to hear through the grapevine about said boss and others making passes at employees. Some returned the affection. Others were uber uncomfy.

That’s the key component. Comfort. When one’s ability to do a professional job is compromised by unwanted  workplace advances, productivity declines. Safety declines.

People decide their terms of engagement, and we must respect those. If not, the price can be steep.

In HBCU Digest I wrote about a recent  sexual and racial harassment verdict. Check it out.

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