Abuse Media responsibility Prejudice

Degradation, voyeurism and seeming senility a.k.a. “Hi, Rush!”

Power, privilege and misguided intentions made many a man transparent.

Recent offender, radio personality Rush Limbaugh, or as I will think of him, Limbarf, welcomed Women’s History Month with some good ol’ regressive and inflammatory allegations against a young woman.

Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke testified before Congress in support of birth control.

Because of her stance, Limbaugh called her a slut and prostitute. He said that if taxpayers pay for women’s birth control then the women should upload sexual videos so that people can watch.

Limbaugh’s statements are not only inflammatory, but they are also indicative of misguided perceptions of ownership.

Rather than recognize the plethora of purposes that birth control serves including but not limited to cramp reduction, acne treatment, hormonal balancing and, of course, prevention of birth, he highlighted intense desires by some right-wingers to control the reproductive organs and decisions of others.

He not only was disrespectful to women universally, but also in many ways showed that if he could not trump the argument of an academic woman, he would resort to unnecessary slut shaming.

Reps from Sleep Train (a mattress store) pulled advertisement because of Limbaugh’s comments.

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