Hey, y’all. I am Imani — a scholar-advocate, writer, lecturer and consultant on policy and communications issues. Using journalistic, legal and multi-cultural training, I strive to advance social equity. This means I study, write about and lecture on environmental justice, human rights and cultures.

As a J.D. student, I studied critical race theory, international law and political rights. As an environmental LL.M and Latin American Studies G.Cert. student, I studied environmentalism through social justice and pluralistic (local, national and international) lenses.

In March 2019, I was a graduate student panelist at Nova Southeastern University’s first Crossroads of the Transatlantic Humanities Student Conference. In November 2018, the University of Miami brought me to Coral Gables, Florida as a human rights lecturer. Likewise, I trained law school faculty members, administrators, and newsroom editors on effective digital communications.

As a fifth-generation Floridian, proud Afro-Atlantic woman and lifelong creative, you may spot me at museums, open mics, academic institutions, comedy shows and debates.  I am also left-handed, fairly friendly, and take jabs about Florida on the chin because the sunshine state is a grab-bag of  humanity.


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